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Enabling SSH on Raspbian OS

You just flashed your SD card with latest Raspbian image and booted up your Raspberry Pi only to find out SSH is no more enabled by default. Now you're baffled, but don't worry it is not as difficult as it seems. Here's what you can do to enable SSH on your Pi: Mount SD card (2nd partition on SD card) on your laptop or computer. Create a file /etc/SSHFLAG (doesn't matter empty or write something to it) on the mounted partition. Edit /etc/rc.local and add these lines at the end: if [ -e /etc/SSHFLAG ]; then   /bin/systemctl enable ssh   /bin/rm /etc/SSHFLAG   /sbin/shutdown -r now fi Unmount the SD card properly from your laptop/computer (by following whatever proper mechanism applies to your OS). Mount it on Pi and turn Pi on. Wait for a few minutes to let it boot fully. Try SSH now, you should be able to connect as long as you get the networking part right.